ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar

ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar

Ellen Cohen, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

ThetaHealing® Master

Would you like to know how to RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight?

Join us for this one-day Seminar, in which you will experience the ThetaHealing® meditation technique process to Reclaim How Your True Higher self Manifests a Perfect Weight.

This ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar allows you to feel joyful, inspired, and with new positive beliefs for maintaining healthier eating habits, moving your body through some exercise, and attracting harmony in yourself, while maintaining an inner peace, and rhythm toward true balance of mind, body and spirit.

What You Will Learn in the RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar:

  • From a ThetaHealing® meditation technique perspective, some issues and background on Overweight.
  • How Beliefs and Emotions may be related to Overweight.
  • ThetaHealing® Information on Overweight or Excess Weight, and Obesity.
  • For individuals who are Thin, Average, or Overweight – – How to Achieve and Maintain increased inner balance.
  • Insight into Food Cravings.
  • How to Adjust Your Eating Habits.
  • How to more healthfully Release Weight.
  • The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss.
  • How to more easily Balance Your Body.
  • How to Connect with your Inner Beauty.
  • How to be Comfortable in your own Skin.
  • How to feel the Peacefulness and Rhythm of your body.
  • The connection between Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • How to feel increased Self-Acceptance and Happiness.
  • ThetaHealing® meditation technique Exercise Bless Your Food.
  • ThetaHealing® meditation technique Exercise Nurture Yourself.
  • ThetaHealing® meditation technique Exercise of Working with Your Higher Self to progress toward your Ideal Weight.
  • ThetaHealing® meditation technique Exercise Send Love to Yourself.
  • ThetaHealing® meditation technique Exercise Four-Level Belief Work to uncover bottom beliefs blocking you from losing weight.
  • ThetaHealing® meditation technique Exercise of The Creation of Feelings and Downloads to help instill new positive feelings.
  • Through the RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Class, you will progress in your ability to increase Self-esteem.
  • Through the seminar teachings, exercises, healings, and process, you will learn how to Improve Body Image.

Register today for this enjoyable and inspiring ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar that will help to uncover your hidden negative beliefs and programs that are held on four levels, and that might be holding you back from the happiness of achieving and maintaining and a more positive self image.

Included with Seminar – Practitioner’s Manual and Practitioner’s Certificate.

Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing® Seminar (Basic DNA2) and Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar (Advanced DNA2).

Seminar Dates and Locations:

New York City, New York, and Garden City, Long Island, NY, and Montana, as well as other cities and States.

See Calendar of Events for ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar dates and locations.

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Call Ellen Cohen, or pre-register, if you, or anyone you know, would like to release excess weight, improve body image, nurture yourself, increase self-esteem, and feel good about yourself.