ThetaHealing® Consultations and Practitioner Certification Seminars

with Ellen Cohen, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science, ThetaHealing® Master
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and as seen as a Professional Speaker at the Learning Annex, New York City.

What is the ThetaHealing® meditation technique?

ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy. The ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique involves entering into the Theta brain wave and connecting with the Creator of All That Is to help facilitate spiritual and emotional well-being. Through ThetaHealing®, one learns how to change limiting subconscious beliefs and programs, and replace them with positive beliefs in order to reduce stress and promote health.

In the ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique, you learn and become aware that there is a magnificent Creative Life Force existing in you and around you.

You may experience ThetaHealing® through an individual ThetaHealing® Consultation. You are also welcome to join us at any of the twenty ThetaHealing® Practitioner Certification Seminars. Ellen Cohen, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science, ThetaHealing® Master, has been in the ThetaHealing® field for over 20 years. You may call Ellen to schedule your individual ThetaHealing® Consultation, or register for any of the 20 ThetaHealing® Seminars that Ellen teaches in New York City, New York State, Kalispell, Big Fork, Montana, and other States and countries.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Everything is Energy. Thoughts and Beliefs are real things. They have substance and energy in the body. The ThetaHealing® Belief Work exercises include the Four-Level Belief Work and the Creation of Feelings. Through the Four-Level Belief Work, negative beliefs are replaced with positive beliefs on the four Belief Levels (core, ancestral, soul, and history levels). In the Creation of Feelings work, an individual may choose to accept positive and life transforming feelings and beliefs, such as love yourself, empowerment, confidence, self-respect, dignity, compassion, and more. The Belief Work and Creation of Feelings help to enable a person to attract what they desire, make more positive choices, and change their life.

The ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique helps people to make positive shifts and transformations in the present, so that they are more enabled to live their life more fully, with the awareness of their ability to co-create their lives in a positive way, for the better.

The ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique introduces people to the Seven Planes of Existence, through the Creator of All That Is.

You are Connected to Unconditional Love

The ThetaHealing® meditation technique reminds people of what they already know – – that they are connected to the Creator of All That Is, the Energy That Flows through All Things, and that this Energy is inside of them and is unconditional love, a knowing love. This is the Energy that is used in the ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique, and co-creates and manifests with them. This Energy is the energy of pure truth and the highest peace.

The ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique is about knowingly connecting to the Creator to co-create your life for the better, it is about changing your beliefs and changing your life. It is about getting rid of your internal prejudices, resentments and fears, and replacing them with positive beliefs so that people may live more harmoniously, and ultimately strive toward World Peace.

If Ellen Cohen may be of ThetaHealing® service to you or anyone you know, through the ThetaHealing® Consultations, or the twenty ThetaHealing® Seminars that Ellen teaches, then please feel free to call, 212-330-7616 and in Montana, call 406-630-4282.

And, if you or anyone you know, might like to assist with the ThetaHealing® meditation technique and the uplifting of humanity and toward world peace, then Ellen welcomes your call.

Would you like to learn how to make positive changes in your life?

Individual Consultations

Practitioner Certification Seminars

Basic ThetaHealing® Seminar

(three-day Seminar)
– Learn the Basics.
– ThetaHealing® Method.
– Experience Peacefulness.
– Enter into the Theta state in seconds.
– Theta Readings.
– ThetaHealing® meditation technique.
– Four-Level Belief Work.
– Replace limiting beliefs on four levels.
– Group Work.
– Unconditional Love of the Creator.
– Youth & Vitality DNA Activation.
– Energy Break.
– Guardian Angel Readings.
– Future Readings.
– Manifestation.
– And more.

Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar

(three-day Seminar)
– Build Confidence.
– Make Positive Changes.
– Move Closer to Your Goals.
– More Advanced Four-Level Belief Work.
– Digging/Fear Work.
– Creation of Feelings.
– Download Positive Feelings.
– The Seven Planes of Existence.
– Open the Intuitive Centers.
– ThetaHealing® meditation technique and Plants.
– Free Floating Memories.
– Send Love to Yourself.
– Well-being for the Soul.
– Connect to Your Ancestors.
– Speak with Higher Self.
– And more.

Intuitive Anatomy Seminar

(three-week Seminar)
– Learn the many systems of the body.
– Uncover beliefs that hold imbalances in place.
– Belief Work to release negative programs.
– Replace with positive beliefs and programs.
– Learn the mind-body connection.
– Daily lecture, practice, and exercises.
– Progress using your ThetaHealing® skills.
– Enhance abilities.
– Develop Intuitive gifts, and Connection.
– And more.

Building Intuition Seminar

(2-hr Classes – For gifted & intuitive Children)
(Four-day Seminar – For Adults.)
– Opportunity for one’s intuitive abilities to blossom.
– Learn the qualities of the Rainbow Children.
– Theta Readings and exercises.
– Moving an Object, Telekinesis.
– Guided Meditation.
– Crystal Layout.
– Creation of Feelings / Downloads.
– See and Change Aura

Manifesting & Abundance Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– ThetaHealing® to manifest & increase abundance.
– Utilize your potential.
– Use the creative energy to create.
– Four-level Belief Work to clear your blocks.
– Creation of Feelings.
– Manifest in Theta to help promote success.
– Program yourself to be able to receive.
– Home and office clearing.
– Tips to help create abundance.
– Remember Your Future.
– Divine Timing.
– And more.

World Relations Seminar

(five-day Seminar)
– Increase your understanding of other cultures.
– Enhance your communication skills.
– Uncover your beliefs about your own religion & culture.
– Develop positive interactions with other individuals.
– Explore your beliefs about other ethnic backgrounds.
– Release internal prejudices and resentments.
– Replace with positive beliefs and programs.
– Four-Level Belief Work.
– Creation of Feelings Work.
– The Power of Forgiveness.
– Strive for World Peace.
– And more.

Disease & Disorder Seminar

(two-week Seminar)
– Recognize imbalances in the body.
– Improve ability to witness positive changes.
– Enhance perception skills.
– Increase understanding of individuals.
– Connection between negative beliefs & disorders.
– Uncover your fears.
– Explore your negative feelings towards disorders.
– Release fear, doubt, disbelief and resentment.
– Clear negative beliefs.
– Remove blocks to help increase clarity.
– Ancestral beliefs and relation to disharmony.
– Group Consciousness connection.
– Understand the energy and essence of imbalances.
– And more.

DNA 3 Seminar

(five-day Seminar)
– Increase understanding of your unlimited potential.
– Expand your mind.
– Enhance intuitive skills.
– Experience your co-creative abilities.
– DNA 3 Readings and exercises.
– Atoms and molecules and energy.
– Consciousness Expansion Exercise.
– Alignment Exercise.
– Advanced Four-Level Belief Work.
– Universal Laws.
– Create your future.
– Water Exercise.
– Explore Weather Elements.
– And more.

Soulmate Seminar, and ThetaHealing® Day

(one-day Seminar)
(two-day Seminar – Belief Work)
– ThetaHealing® Origins.
– The Five Brain Waves.
– What is a Most Compatible Soulmate.
– Most Compatible Soulmates versus Soulmates.
– How to Attract Your Most Compatible Soulmate.
– Manifesting for Your Most Compatible Soulmate.
– Attributes.
– Creation of Feelings.
– Energetic Divorce.
– Send Love to Yourself.
– Wholeness & harmony for the Soul.
– Monogamy in relationships.
– Affirmations.
– Manifest Exercise – Most Compatible Soulmate.
– Day Two includes Four-Level Belief Work.
– And more.

RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Seminar

(one-day Seminar)
– How to Manifest well-being.
– How to more easily Balance the Body.
– Overweight Issues.
– The Effect of Emotions and Beliefs on Weight.
– The Role of Exercise.
– Insight into Food Cravings.
– Adjusting Eating Habits.
– Work with Your Higher Self.
– Release disharmony.
– Improve Body Image.
– Nurture Yourself.
– Increase Self-Esteem.
– Four-Level Belief Work.
– Creation of Feelings.
– Downloads.
– Bless Your Food.
– And more.

Game of Life Seminar

(three-day Seminar)
– Know your life’s purpose.
– Strive toward success.
– Attract abundance and joy.
– Achieve your dreams.
– And more.

Animal Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– ThetaHealing® and animals.
– Animal communication.
– ThetaHealing® meditation technique and pets.
– Animal instincts.
– And more.

Plant Seminar

(one-day Seminar)
– ThetaHealing® meditation technique and plants.
– How plants and trees communicate.
– Symbiosis between plants & humans.
– Witness energy in plants & trees.
– And more.

Seven Planes of Existence Seminar

(four-day Seminar)
– How to work with each of the seven planes.
– The universal laws.
– How to work with the universal laws.
– Your virtues.
– Your attributes.
– And More.

Dig Deeper Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– Learn how to do the advanced Four-Level Belief Work.
– Dig Deeper to uncover key beliefs holding you back.
– Learn to connect on a higher level.
– Change your beliefs, change your life.
– And more.

Family Ties Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– Learn the family patterns.
– Family members beliefs.
– ThetaHealing® exercises regarding your early years.
– Accessing positive virtues from ancestors.
– And more.

You and the Creator Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– Learn how to increase connection to the Creator. 
– Discern where messages come from. 
– Creator’s truth, higher self, and your own thoughts. 
– Learn the four aspects within the Four Belief Levels.
– Opportunity to learn virtues. 
– And more.   

You and Your Significant Partner Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– Learn how to build your relationship.
– Strong foundation, loving partnership. 
– Discover your potential. 
– How to increase joy in your relationship.
– Learn about the partnership aura.
– And more.

You and Your Inner Circle Seminar 

(two-day Seminar)
– Learn the three major circles.
– How to grow your relationships based on the circles. 
– How to surround yourself with trustworthy people.
– The circles and improving business relationships.
– The child, adult and sage mindsets.
– ThetaHealing® to help increase ability to evolve.
– And more.   

You and the Earth Seminar

(two-day Seminar)
– Learn how to work with the Earth.
– How to recognize subtle Earth energies.
– Growing your garden.
– Sending energy out with positive feelings.
– How to bring positive changes to the earth.
– And more.

ThetaHealing® Seven Planes of Existence Seminar

The ThetaHealing® Seven Planes of Existence Seminar is the latest and most advanced seminar of the twenty ThetaHealing® Seminars. The ThetaHealing® Seven Planes of Existence Seminar provides the information that is the basis of the other ThetaHealing® Seminars. The Seven Planes of Existence Seminar provides profound and very basic information concerning our universe, creation, what forms each of the Seven Planes of Existence, the Universal Laws of the Sixth Plane of Existence, how to develop your intuitive skills and attributes, the meaning of virtues, how to cultivate your virtues, how to develop virtues to better enable one to manifest and actualize positive change, and the understanding that you create your reality. The Seven Planes of Existence Seminar may be viewed as a vast fabric of sacred information that weaves through and interprets all of the ThetaHealing® meditation technique knowledge.

Thoughts are real things and carry substance. In the Seven Planes of Existence Seminar, you will learn about “lite” thoughts and heavy thoughts, how thoughts travel faster than the speed of light, and how thoughts may be used to manifest and to create. In the Seven Planes of Existence Seminar, you will uncover the thoughts that are “lite” and that reach all the way up to the Seventh Plane of Existence, to the Energy of All That Is. You will also become aware of the heavy thoughts, that are unable to reach above the universe. You will discover how your thoughts are a form of energy that affect your life, your ability to manifest, to take action, and to co-create your reality. 

The Seven Planes of Existence Seminar provides exercises that help to enable you to have an understanding of “multi-dimensional,” and how that better enables you to work with the different Planes of Existence. In this Seminar, you will have the opportunity to conduct various Four-Level Belief Work sessions, focusing on the areas of your life that you might like to change, and “digging” work to get to the bottom beliefs that might be holding you back. In addition, you will be introduced to the Crystal Layout, and other ThetaHealing® meditation technique exercises that will help to enable you to work towards accessing the different Seven Planes of Existence, and witnessing the beauty, wonder and abilities of each Plane.  

The Seven Planes of Existence Seminar provides a broad background of the Universal Laws of the Sixth Plane of Existence, as well as the virtues needed in order to work with the variety of Universal Laws.

The Seventh Plane of Existence is the Energy of All That Is, the Creator of All That Is, which is the highest unconditional, knowing love. This is the Energy that you use to manifest and create with in the ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique. The Seventh Plane Energy is the very essence of pure love, before it becomes an atom. The Seventh Plane Energy is the energy that forms, and is, the Seven Planes of Existence.  

ThetaHealing® Guide and Contacts

We welcome you to the ThetaHealing® spiritual meditation technique, and invite you to contact Ellen at 212-330-7616 and in Montana, call 406-630-4282. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in ThetaHealing® through any of the twenty ThetaHealing® Seminars, or in a ThetaHealing® Consultation by telephone, or in-person in New York City, Kalispell, Big Fork, Montana, or other cities and States. The ThetaHealing® meditation technique helps to provide the tools to help enable you to change your beliefs, and change your life for the better. Through positive change, acquiring virtues, and working in balance with the Seven Planes of Existence, a more harmonious and peaceful co-existence may result, toward the evolution and betterment of humankind. Through the ThetaHealing® meditation technique and spiritual philosophy, we are glad to help guide you on this journey. 

For Seminars with Ellen, 212-330-7616.
In Montana, call 406-630-4282.

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