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Calendar of Events – ThetaHealing® Retreats

Ellen Cohen, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

ThetaHealing® Master

Call Ellen Cohen for information and pre-registration, 212-631-8777 or 917-828-0328.
In Colorado, call 303-352-1929

The ThetaHealing® Retreats include two or more seminars taught sequentially. For example, Basic ThetaHealing® Seminar and Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar. Another example is ThetaHealing® World Relations Seminar, Disease & Disorder Seminar, and DNA 3 Seminar.

Ellen is scheduled to teach ThetaHealing® Retreats monthly. Check the Calendar pages on this website for the Seminars that you would like to attend sequentially. Call Ellen at 212-631-8777 or 917-828-0328 (In Colorado, call 303-352-1929) for pre-registration for these Retreats.

For Seminars with Ellen, and for Individual Consultations, call 212-631-8777 or 917-828-0328.
In Colorado, call 303-352-1929.

Pre-registration required. PayPal™ payments accepted: credit card, debit card & cash.