Hosting a Lecture

Hosting a ThetaHealing® Lecture

Ellen Cohen, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

ThetaHealing® Master

Would you like to Host a ThetaHealing® Lecture for your Business, Corporation, Wellness Center, Physician’s Office, Yoga Retreat, Adult Education Program, or other Venue?

As a Professional Speaker on the ThetaHealing® meditation technique, Ellen Cohen has lectured and taught classes at The Learning Annex, New York City (NYC), New York. In addition, Ellen presented a full-day lecture on ThetaHealing® at Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, New York during August 2013. Ellen is available for additional professional speaking engagements on ThetaHealing® at your business, corporation, company, firm, professional association, holistic facility, hospital, wellness center, physician’s office, corporate health club, university, adult continuing education program, or other venue.

Lectures are two to three hours long. In the lecture, you will learn the background and origins of theThetaHealing® meditation technique. Other areas that may be covered in the lecture may include, but are not limited to, the Theta brain wave and various other brain waves, how to access a Theta brain wave, energy fields and auras, overview of the ThetaHealing® meditation method, description of some ThetaHealing® exercises, and description of the ThetaHealing® four-level belief work.

The overview of the four-level belief work makes you aware of the connection between your own positive and negative beliefs, and your ability to move forward in life. You will learn how this may influence your progress in the work place, career, abundance, fulfilling relationships, and happiness. You will be introduced to the manifestation exercise to help attract your wellness, abundance and joy.

In just one class, learn how to refresh your spirit and switch your ambition into overdrive. It is time to turn your life around.

Call Ellen to schedule a two to three-hour Lecture on the ThetaHealing® meditation technique for your group, like Ellen’s prior lectures at The Learning Annex New York City.