Intuitive Anatomy

Intuitive Anatomy Seminar

Ellen Cohen, ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

ThetaHealing® Master

Would you like to advance in the Intuitive Anatomy Seminar?

What you will Learn:

Learn the many systems of the body. Each day of this three-week Seminar, you will be introduced to a new body system, and practice the ThetaHealing® meditation technique. “Meet” the heart, the lungs, the muscular-skeletal system, and more.

Each day, you will experience a lecture, belief work, and exercises concerning the various body systems. In addition, you will view colorful and interesting films of the various body systems on most days of the seminar.

Learn what negative beliefs are held in the different body systems, and how to release these negative beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs on four levels. Uncover the negative beliefs and programs that, through a mind/body connection, may be holding imbalances in place in the body systems. While practicing the ThetaHealing® exercises during this three-week Seminar, you may find that you develop your intuitive gifts and your connection to the Creator of All That Is.

Included with Seminar – Practitioner’s Manual, two books, and Practitioner’s Certificate.

Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing® SeminarAdvanced ThetaHealing® Seminar, and permission of the Instructor.

This Seminar will be held Monday through Friday, for three weeks. If you would definitely like to take this seminar, and have a specific month in mind for this seminar, then call Ellen at 212-330-7616 and in Montana, call 406-630-4282.

Seminar Dates and Locations:

New York City, New York, and Garden City, Long Island, NY, and Montana, as well as other cities and States.

See Calendar of Events for Intuitive Anatomy Seminar dates and locations.

Payment methods accepted through PayPal™ include: credit card, debit card, and cash.
Call Ellen at 212-330-7616 for information and to pre-register.
In Montana, call 406-630-4282.